Jelenka Savkovic Stevanovic



Biopolimers Helix-coil Structure

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In this paper purine and pyrimidine bases and their parameters were studied. Molecular modelling of the protein transition state was provided. Probability of the helix-coil transition state was derived. Transition parameters were determined by fitting the temperature transition curves to the macroscopic experimental data. The obtained results in the frame of investigation of this paper show transition parameters values and transition dynamics for the poly-L-iso-leucyne and poly-valyne. The probabilistic factor, entropy and enthalpy changing were determined.


Bioengineering, helix, coil, transition, entropy, enthalpy


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Jelenka Savkovic Stevanovic. (2022) Biopolimers Helix-coil Structure. International Journal of Biology and Biomedicine, 7, 34-39


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