Sayak Mahato, Subrata Mandal, F. H. Rahman



Study on Economic Benefit by Following Agromet Advisory Services Received from District Agromet Unit in the Lateritic Belt of Birbhum

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At present, weather change is a burning issue throughout the world. Due to the change in climate, the agriculture sector is suffering a lot and farmers are facing various losses due to these changes. India Meteorological Department started the Agro-meteorological Advisory Services (AAS) in India to minimize the losses in agriculture due to climate change. District Agromet Unit (DAMU) in different Krishi Vigyan Kendras plays an important role in disseminating AAS blockwise though out the country. The main motto of DAMU is to enhance the farmer’s income by minimizing losses by providing proper management practices against climate change at the block level. The present study was conducted in 10 different villages of the red and lateritic zone of Birbhum to get the economic benefit of adopting of AAS in farming operations by the farmers. The study was carried out during the rabi season for the years 2020 and 2021. Two groups of farmers were selected. One group, who were regularly following the AAS bulletins provided by DAMU, and another group was formed that were not following any AAS. The usefulness and economic impact at block level AAS has been assessed by analyzing the data collected from those farmer’s groups. It was observed in the rabi season of 2020-21, that Rs. 6000 per ha was saved in a single season of Mustard cultivation due to rainfall forecast from DAMU, Birbhum. In this way the B: C ratio of Mustard cultivation has been increased from 3.16 to 4.60. In the 2021-22 rabi season farmers harvested the rice earlier as there was a cyclone warning and save 60% of crops. Farmers also got Rs. 4300 per ha extra savings in a single season of rice cultivation from non-AAS farmers by minimizing loss on irrigation and spraying operations by following AAS. i.e. they maintained the proper irrigation scheduling and applied fertilizer if there was no forecasting of heavy rainfall or adverse weather condition as it washed away the fertilizer.


Agro Advisory Bulletin (AAB), Agro-meteorological Advisory Services (AAS), District Agromet Unit (DAMU), economic benefit, minimizing loss, extra savings


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