Prativa Neupane, Samrat Panthi, Anita Bhusal



Nutrient Management Practices in Mulching and Non-mulching Conditions of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) in Arghakhanchi District

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An experiment was conducted to assess the response of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) to different sources of nutrients under mulched and non-mulched condition in Arghakhanchi, Nepal. The effect of three different sources of nutrient (Chemical Fertilizer, FYM, Poultry) and control with mulching and non-mulching condition were studied using two Factorial Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications each containing 8 plots. Hybrid variety of okra (Arka anamika) mostly used by farmers in Arghakhanchi was used as a test crop. Data were collected from five randomly selected plants from the central rows in each plot. The results revealed that those two factors significantly affected growth and yield parameters. As the data were analyzed, higher plant height at 30 DAS was found in Chemical fertilizer. Number of leaves, Fruit number, and plant diameter at initial observation were found higher in both Poultry Manure and Chemical fertilizer. However, at the later observations all the growth and yield were found higher in Poultry Manure (12.5t ha-1). Highest individual fruit weight was found 14.61 g and highest individual fruit length was found 14,35 cm. Poultry Manure has more nutrient content, rapid mineralization, optimum C/N ratio, growth promoting substances leading to better growth and yield. Poultry manure is a rich stable source of organic nitrogen, forms proper soil aggregates, conserves moisture and is in ha1rmony with the environment too. Mulching showed better results in germination, plant height, number of leaves and fruits, plant diameter and yield. This is because plastic mulches absorb comparatively large amount of the incoming radiation; raising temperature, also conserving moisture, reducing weed competition and providing favorable environment for microorganisms.


Okra, FYM, Poultry Manure, Control, Mulching


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