Muzakar Isa, Fx. Sugiyanto, Indah Susilowati



Integrated Analysis of Adaptation and Mitigation on Coastal Flood

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The northern coast of Central Java Province – Indonesia is considered as the critical area of flood path. The area always suffers from flood due to heavy rainfall and/or sea level rise. As the consequence, people are suffering, properties are damaged and lost. A number of efforts have been carried out to manage the flood problem, although the achievement is incomplete. It is realized that infrastructures capacity for flood control, community awareness, and other multi-factors significantly contribute in solving the flood problem. This research aimed to outline the strategies of flood adaptation and mitigation. Quantitative and qualitative method ware employed to analyze the data. The results of this study indicated that the level of vulnerability the Central Java to flood was in the medium category. The exposure and adaptive capacity variables were significantly contributed in determining the vulnerability level. Flood adaptation can be carried through anticipation and reactive adaptation, in which each type could be practiced by public and private. Flood mitigation can be carried out through structural, non-structural and community roles.


Coastal, Flood, Adaptation, Mitigation, Vulnerability


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Muzakar Isa, Fx. Sugiyanto, Indah Susilowati. (2020) Integrated Analysis of Adaptation and Mitigation on Coastal Flood. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 5, 39-56


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