Keshavaiah K. V., Sathishac



Effect of Method Seed Preparation on Seedling Establishment and Growth of Sugarcane

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Sugarcane is an important commercial crop cultivated in the command area. Once the crop occupies the field stays for a very long period unlike other field crops. The number of ratoon crops taken up depends on the kind of management of the plant crop. To reap more no. of ratoon crops with sustainable yields, all the management practices play a pivotal role. Among the many practices, selection of seed material and method of seedling establishment is of paramount importance as good seed result in good plant crop and subsequent ratoon crops. Hence, Seed material forms important input in production system. Sugarcane crop requires bulk seed material and method which facilitates reduction in quantum of seed helps in saving of cost and labour. As a prelude to this an experiment conducted at ZARS, V.C. Farm, Mandya, Karnataka, India on nine methods of seed preparation and planting indicated that seedlings raised in nursery beds have resulted in seedlings with similar vigour, plant height, leaf area, leaf area index, number of tillers, shoot to root ratio and survival of seedlings compared with poly bag raised seedlings.


Methods of Sugarcane seed preparation, nursery seedlings, seedling vigour


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Keshavaiah K. V., Sathishac. (2019) Effect of Method Seed Preparation on Seedling Establishment and Growth of Sugarcane. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 4, 8-15


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