Ana Bratu, Cristina Popa (Achim), Mioara Petrus



Acoustic Measurements on Fruits

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are important due to their health properties. They provide vitamins, minerals and fiber to help keep our body healthy. Because of the contaminated soils around urban environments, occasionally, fresh fruits and vegetables can become contaminated with polluted air and could lead to serious health issues. On the other hand, when fruit are exposed to low doses of UV a typical response to stress has been observed. In this research, the measurements were concentrated on the potential of CO2 laser photoacoustic spectroscopy in the analysis of red fruits cherry tomatoes exposed to pollution from various car engines and UV radiation. The results were correlated with red fruits cherry tomatoes exposed to nitrogen air flow (anaerobic conditions) with red fruits cherry tomatoes exhibited normal aerobic conditions (synthetic airflow). With the advantages of laser photoacoustic spectroscopy technique, we showed that red fruits cherry tomatoes under pollution, emit more ethylene gas than those under UV radiation.


Photoacoustic, ethylene, pollution, UV radiation, laser, spectroscopy


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Ana Bratu, Cristina Popa (Achim), Mioara Petrus. (2018) Acoustic Measurements on Fruits. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 3, 54-56


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