M. K. Dharani, S. Sangeetha



A Study on a Crop Monitoring System for Smart Agriculture Using WSN

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In the modern world the major problem in agriculture is the lack of labours to monitor the crop field and less crop yield due to the intrusion of animals. The main objective to overcome these problems by using wireless sensor networks to monitor the crop field and to generate the warning alarms for animal intrusions. Sensors are arranged in the form of master slave technique. Three wireless sensor networks are used in the agricultural field to measure the soil moisture, atmospheric pressure and ph value. The values obtained from the sensors are converted to the digitized value then sent to the micro controller in order to make real time values. GSM is used to coordinate the microcontroller and monitoring system. The monitoring system is done by the lab view technology, where the real time values are being compared with the pre defined values stored in the database using the ontology technique. Any changes occur in the crop field then the SMS will be sent to the farmers mobile. The mobile messaging system will make the data flow very simple and easy. The master systems can be connected through the WLAN so that the global crop disease warnings can be sent very easily. This system also reduces the time to be spent on the agricultural field and gives the correct suggestion at the right time, so that it helps to attain the high yield.


Intercropping, plantain, slashes and burn, soil cover, yield, DR Congo


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