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Mathematical modeling for soft laser beam processing

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A recent study on the circular cutting of soft steel with CO2 laser was made on two 600x400mm steel plates of thickness g = 10mm, where 225 references were obtained. The laser power input, lens focal length, low O2 aspiration gas pressure and cutting speeds were varied to achieve various measurements and research by optimizing the resulting cutting parameters: circularity, dimensional precision, roughness, hardness, etc. Thus, with the help of this paper I managed to correlate the characteristics of the laser radiation according to the physical properties of the steel 37 made on a Bystronic laser plant. In order to achieve the measurements, the properties and characteristics of the laser beam and control over its propagation must be known to the operator in order to increase the quality of the parts and the industrial productivity.


laser cutting, CO2 laser, laser piercing, laser drilling


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