Sabu Thomas, Asish Mitra



Hydrodynamic Considerations of Micro-/Nano-Scale Flows

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In the present paper, hydrodynamic characteristics of the external forced convection in the slip regime over an isothermal horizontal plate at a relatively low Mach number is numerically studied. Slip flow occurs when the dimensions of the flow system are comparable to the molecular mean free path. Under this situation, the no-slip condition is replaced by slip-flow condition. Dimensionless stream function, velocity, slip velocity at the wall, wall shear stress and boundary layer thickness are presented for a range of values of the parameter characterizing the slip flow. This slip parameter is a function of the local Reynolds number, the local Knudsen number, and the tangential momentum accommodation coefficient representing the fraction of the molecules reflected diffusively at the surface. As the Knudsen number approaches zero, the slip parameter also approaches zero, and the no-slip condition is recovered. As the Knudsen number increases, the slip velocity increases. These results are in good agreement with the conclusions reached in other recent studies


Isothermal Horizontal Plate, Micro-/Nano-Scale Flows, Slip parameter, Similarity approach.


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Sabu Thomas, Asish Mitra. (2019) Hydrodynamic Considerations of Micro-/Nano-Scale Flows. International Journal of Applied Physics, 4, 35-40


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