Boris Belashev



Earth’s Natural Oscillations in Time Series of Geophysical Data

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The time series of seismic noise, geomagnetic variations and exhalation of radon into the atmosphere were obtained by hardware-software complexes for conducting geophysical monitoring in the Republic of Karelia. Spectra for series recorded under low seismic and geomagnetic activity conditions were calculated and their major harmonic periods were determined. The similarity of the periods of the processes analyzed to the periods of the Earth’s natural oscillations indicates the modulating role of the latter. A modulation mechanism, which takes into account radon transport by vesicles, was proposed for the exhalation of radon into the atmosphere.


seismic noise, geomagnetic variations, radon exhalation, power spectra, the Earth’s natural oscillations, hydrogen degassing


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Boris Belashev. (2020) Earth’s Natural Oscillations in Time Series of Geophysical Data. International Journal of Applied Physics, 5, 14-25


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