Fabao Yan, Jianxin Liu, Chuanghua Cao, Yanrui Su



A self-check method used in complex electromagnetic pulse measuring system

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Complex environment;  Electromagnetic pulse;  Data acquisition;  Self-check signal;  Low power consumption;  CPLD;  Analog switch


In order to meet the self-check requirements of the non-standard complex electromagnetic measuring system in the using process, we put forward a self-check scheme with low power consumption, high precision and being simple to design, starting with the analysis of self-check signal characteristics, through research and comparison with several existing self-check mechanisms. We designed a set of implementation circuit based on the scheme and did simulation to the circuit. The simulation results show that a range of 20uV~2V self-check pulse signal ,whose frequency range lies between 1Hz and 100kHz, can be produced through selector switch. The frequency of the signal steadies at 1%, and phase stability is less than 1.5% through repeating test, as well as the amplitude error can be optimized to less than 1%. Stable harmonic component of the signal can be used to get wider bandwidth channel response for the measurement system. The experimental results show that actual power consumption of self-check model is less than 0.3W, and performance indicators are consistent to simulation results, while the amplitude is in the range of 20uv to 2V and frequency ranges from 1Hz to 100, 000Hz. And the scheme achieves success in applying for a monitoring system. The self-check model has the advantages of convenient operation, low cost and easy to design, so it can make up for the defect of other self-check modes effectively.

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Fabao Yan, Jianxin Liu, Chuanghua Cao, Yanrui Su. (2017) A self-check method used in complex electromagnetic pulse measuring system. International Journal of Applied Physics, 2, 39-45