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Pressure Cooker with Modified Lid

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Without the pressure cooker, kitchen is like a human being without the sole. Now a days cooker in kitchen is not only the fashion but also the need of woman / man. So pressure cooker become the inevitable item in kitchen due to time & energy properties. From ancient time, many researchers had been made on cooking and advised to energy in support indirectly to save energy. In energy saving, electrical or solar, alternative sources, were also play an important role. Saving energy may be direct or indirect. Some researchers gave various ways of direct and indirect energy saving by modified design of pressure cooker. This change may be in the form of shape, size, material etc. of the lid. The existing shape of inner lid of pressure cooker is elliptical. The shape is for locking & unlocking of the lid, ease of handling. Even to it has certain disadvantages. To overcome these, different shapes of inner lid were arising. The variations in lid started from circular to ellipse via other geometrical shapes. Irrespective of advantages, this lid shape also has some demerits. These demerits has been overcome by modified lid. This lid is the hybrid lid having advantages of both circular and modified lids. The modified lid serve all purposes intended by existing lid and give better results for locking; saving in cooling time of food, increase in heat transfer area and reduction in turning angle.


Pressure cooker (PC), Elliptical Shape, Energy, Modified Lid, Thermal stresses, Heat Transfer Area.


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