Peter Papcun, Erik Kajáti, Iveta Zolotová



IoT and Cloud Technology in Residential and Business Premises as Ubiquitous Computing

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IoT, Cloud, household, control, tablet, smart phone, web-page, Smart Living, Smart House


Nowadays smart products are using local control, which is controlled by remote controllers or applications in smartphones and tablets. People have more and more controllers, who bought these products and devices. Most of these products do not communicate with each other, so user controls every product separately. Internet of Things (IoT) products have a great advantage, this advantage is connectivity to a network Internet. The article describes research and development of intelligent, economical, comfortable, and smart premises for households, workplaces, offices and others business or residential premises. This article describes the realization of intelligent household’s scale model, which uses the newest technology for the smart and the comfortable living. Thanks to interconnectivity between IoT products and cloud systems, we want to create ubiquitous computing, at first by our scale model, but then continue with laboratories and other premises. The next advantages of cloud services are data storage by databases and data representation by web pages. Our main aim was to create educational and research model for developing new network and control architecture via modern technology with IoT concept. Various control and communication architectures will be implemented using this model. This aim was solved, and we tried some communication and control architecture through public, private and hybrid cloud described in this article.

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Peter Papcun, Erik Kajáti, Iveta Zolotová. (2017) IoT and Cloud Technology in Residential and Business Premises as Ubiquitous Computing. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 2, 96-105