Axelevitch Alexander



Application of Embedded Metal Nanostructures for Solar Cells

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Metal island films, Localized surface plasmon-polariton, Diode Schottky, Solar cells


Thin island metal films embedded in the p-n semiconductor junction of a photovoltaic structure enable significantly change their efficiency. A type of metal defines this change. In this work we present our results of experimental trials of creation photovoltaic heterostructures ITO/C-Si with thin metal films embedded into the semiconductor junction. We applied such metals as gold and silver which can appear the localized surface plasmon resonance effects, when the islet dimensions are several nanometers. We found that the gold nanoparticle significantly improves the photovoltaic conversion efficiency when the silver nanoparticles prevent the photocurrent generation. Generated photo-power in the samples with embedded gold island films was more to approximately 10 times than without this interlayer. All metal island films and ITO emitter films were prepared using low-pressure triode dc sputtering system.

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Axelevitch Alexander. (2016) Application of Embedded Metal Nanostructures for Solar Cells. International Journal of Renewable Energy Sources, 1, 32-37