Vaishali M. More, Vinod Chandrakar, S.Dhurvey


Performance of power system improvement by using FACTS device: Interline power flow controller

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Power system, Multi-machine system, FACTS, VSC, IPFC, transient stability.


In the power system, the cost of the transmission lines plays important role in the network company. An interline power flow controller (IPFC) is a series-series converter based FACTS controller with capability of controlling power flow among muti-lines within the same corridor of the transmission line. In this paper, the performance of multimachine power system with & without interline power flow controller (IPFC) under various system conditions in MATLAB environment is studied. The IPFC is designed to achieve power flow control and damp the oscillations during disturb codition. This paper presents comparative study of power flow analysis with IPFC and without IPFC considering the cases i.e. I) normal load condition II) with the increasing 10% load and III) with the 3-ph –ground fault in area1. Series FACTS devices are most powerful controllers used for power flow, power oscillation damping and improving transient stability of the system. Results are validated by using MATLAB.

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Vaishali M. More, Vinod Chandrakar, S.Dhurvey. (2016) Performance of power system improvement by using FACTS device : Interline power flow controller. International Journal of Power Systems, 1, 41-45