KY Converter with Fuzzy Logic Controller for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/wind power system

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Wind and solar energy, are thought to be the principle properties of sustainable power source for power generation and are developing at quicker rate throughout the previous couple of decades. This paper comprises a novel coordination of solar energy system and wind energy from grid connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) which is associated with the rectifier to rectify AC input. With the purpose of extract maximum power fuzzy logic controller has been adopted, in this work. We propose a multi-input KY converter for grid connected hybrid photovoltaic and wind power system by extracting as much renewable energy as possible using the fuzzy logic controller. The wind energy is rectified and then both the PV and wind outputs are given to the fuzzy logic controller. The KY converter is a voltage buck-boost converter possessing non-pulsating output current, in this manner diminishing the current stress as well as diminishing the yield voltage ripple. The fuzzy logic controller is the best controller to track maximum power. The output of the controller is the mission cycle of KY converter. The inverter is connected for regulating the AC load. The implementation is done using MATLAB / SIMULINK.




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M. Pushpavalli A, N. M. Jothi Swaroopan. (2021) KY Converter with Fuzzy Logic Controller for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/wind power system. International Journal of Power Systems, 6, 1-14


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