The Impact of Global Finance Crisis on Payable Demand: in Case of Azerbaijan

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– When studying economic relations theoretically and practically, it was determined that modern society is constantly striving to improve living conditions. Also, long–term economic growth is unstable, divided into intermittent unstable periods. The successive rates of increase and decrease in the level of economic development are called economic cycles. The crisis can be caused by factors that can and cannot be managed in accordance with the characteristics of the development of the socio–economic system, as well as in the functional processes themselves. Conflicts can be between the level of equipment and skilled labor, the technology and the conditions of their use (climate, buildings, production process, compatibility), etc. It is known that the income of the population and the effective demand of the population is a manifestation of the payment of people's personal needs for goods and services in cash. It is conditioned by its socio–economic nature, the structure of gross national product, the amount of national income and its distribution, the social welfare of the population and is provided by the level of development of the economy and culture. As the main indicator of consumer behavior, the population's income and effective demand act as a market regulator that determines the flow of finished goods in the market and the required volume of production


global economıc crısıs, effective demand, population's income, consumer behavior, development.


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Sugra Ingilab Humbatova, Natig Gadim‒Oglu Hajiyev, Azer Islam Garayev . (2020) The Impact of Global Finance Crisis on Payable Demand: in Case of Azerbaijan. International Journal of Environmental Science, 5, 305-314


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