On the Optimization of Number of Sub-interleavers for Turbo Codes

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Performance of the turbo codes mainly depends on the interleaver used. Recently, it is found that sub interleavers reduce the time complexity of the system to a large extent. This paper is an attempt to optimize the number of sub interleavers used for turbo codes. We have proposed a scheme that can optimize the number of sub interleavers. First of all, mathematical formulae have been derived for finding the possible number of sub interleavers for a given interleaver length. Secondly, a mathematical formula has been derived for choosing the best number of sub interleaver among all the possible sub interleavers. Results have been validated by considering sub interleaver composed of row-column and diagonal interleaver of length 1024.


Turbo codes, Sub-interleaver, Time complexity, Row-Column interleaver, Diagonal Interleaver


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Simmi Garg, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Anand Kumar Tyagi. (2020) On the Optimization of Number of Sub-interleavers for Turbo Codes. International Journal of Applied Physics, 5, 26-33


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