Therapeutic Efficacy of Monensin on Lactic Acidosis in Buffaloes

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Three non-descript buffaloes were presented to Veterinary College Hospital, Bidar with the history of ingestion of large quantity of wheat based bakery products. Clinical examination revealed mild distension of left abdomen, passing semisolid pasty dung. Rumen pH, Rumen lactate and total protozoal count, Blood pH and HCO3- were analysed before and after treatment. Acidotic buffaloes were treated orally with monensin at the dose rate 3 mg/kg body weight along with fluid therapy and repeated after 24 hours. Healthy ruminal cud was given orally after 48 hours. Monensin was found effective in the treatment of lactic acidosis in buffaloes.


Lactic acidosis, Buffaloes, Monensin, Rumen lactate, Blood HCO3-, Rumen protozoa


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Nanagouda A. Patil, Ajay S. Satbige, Sandeep C. Halmandage, Ravindra G. Bhoyar. (2020) Therapeutic Efficacy of Monensin on Lactic Acidosis in Buffaloes. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 5, 124-128


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