Electrification of Suburbs of Lubumbashi in DRC with Hybrid Energy System

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The gradual electrification of areas not yet connected to the main electricity grid has mainly been achieved through the installation of decentralized diesel generators and, to a lesser extent, through autonomous PV systems. This study presents in its first part the spatial distribution of alternative sources of electricity by identifying the socioeconomic factors of households explaining this distribution. And in its second part the study presents, the optimal results of a hybrid PV/diesel system with storage. Socio-economic survey data from 5,270 households across the city of Lubumbashi revealed 163 mini-grids fueled by diesel generators serving 1143 households, or 21.6 percent of households surveyed. These surveys reveal that there is a positive and more significant link between access to mini-diesel grids and socio-economic variables such as secondary education level and other income source (the combination of several identified sources of income). The data taken from these mini-diesel networks made it possible to develop the consumption profile of the study area. After simulation, optimization and sensitivity analysis with the HOMER software the study revealed that the optimal solution is obtained when the load is fed by a PV / diesel system with storage on 96 batteries of 1 kWh, this configuration offers the cost of lowest energy is $ 0.385/kWh compared to diesel alone and PV/diesel configurations. From an environmental point of view, the case study presented here shows that the use of PV-diesel-batteries reduces emissions by more than 34% compared to purely diesel generation. This study recommends replacing diesel mini-grids with PV-diesel hybrid mini-grids as an effective measure to reduce diesel fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while providing 24-hour electrical service in non-electrified neighborhoods


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