A Review of Solar Energy Storage Techniques of Solar Air Collector

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Many industrial applications of solar air collectors have led to study and summarize the recent papers relating to this topic. The high performance of the energy conversion and energy storage performance of the solar collectors has drawn the increasing attention energy research field. This review paper focuses to the developments and solar thermal applications, providing a review of thermal energy storage systems and solar collectors. Many types of solar collectors are presented and discussed, including both concentrating and nonconcentrating solar collectors. The goal of this review is to provide the necessary information for further research in the development of cost effective high temperature thermal storage systems. Finally, presenting and future solar power stations are overview.


solar collector; solar applications; photovoltaic; concentrating collectors.


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Zainab Ali Ibrahim, Adnan M. Hussein, Qussay Kamel. (2020) A Review of Solar Energy Storage Techniques of Solar Air Collector. International Journal of Environmental Science, 5, 120-126


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