Electrochemical Deposition of CdTe Thin Film for CdS/CdTe X-Ray Sensor

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Many methods are used to measure X-ray flux generated by modern X-ray machines. The most common method utilized for monitoring X-ray dose is technically complex and expensive. In this work CdTe has been electrodeposited onto CdS/FTO glass substrate to form with previously fabricated CdS layer 4 µm thickness. The optimum potential for CdTe deposition has been studied by potentiostat measurement, it shows that -1.3 is the optimum working potential. The XRD analysis showed that the CdTe films have highly oriented crystallites with the cubic phase zinc blend with preferred orientation (111). The band gap Eg extrapolated to be 1.4 eV. Four stacked sensors were connected in series to measure the device performance. It was observed that amplitude of the pulse formed due to exposed FTO/CdS/CdTe/Mo detector to X-ray of 33 keV and 1mA intensity is 1.03 V.


Environment, Applied Chemistry, CdTe, Thin film, X-ray, Sensors


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H. Shams, H. Abou Gabal, M. Soliman, S. Ebrahim, S. Agamy. (2020) Electrochemical Deposition of CdTe Thin Film for CdS/CdTe X-Ray Sensor. International Journal of Environmental Science, 5, 85-103


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