Theoretical study on Slotted Photonic Crystal Cavity for Sensing

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The objective of this work has been a proposition of the refractive index sensor design based on slotted L2 photonic crystal cavity with a triangular lattice of air holes patterned perpendicularly to an InPbased confining heterostructure. Three slots located into the cavity and the two rows of functionnalized holes nearby the resonant cavities are totally injected with analyte. The quality factor of biosensor is over 3.4677 107, and the sensitivity is obtained as 440 nm/RIU for the optimized structure. Our results propose a refractive index detection limit is about 9.56x10-8 RIU.


Photonics, Crystal Cavities, Sensing


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Ahlem Benmerkh, Touraya Bouchemat, Mohamed Bouchemat. (2019) Theoretical study on Slotted Photonic Crystal Cavity for Sensing. International Journal of Applied Physics, 4, 28-34


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