Study of the Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Parameters of Household Wastewater in Brazzaville

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In order to contribute to the improvement of sanitation conditions in order to prevent health and environmental risks related to the discharge of household wastewater, household wastewater samples from four districts of Brazzaville were analysed in their physico-chemical and microbiological quality. The physicochemical parameters were determined according to the methods defined by the AFNOR standards and the Rodier technique. Microbiological quality has been determined by conventional microbiological methods consisting of isolation, identification and enumeration. The isolation of the germ was done using specific and/or selective media. The identification was done by determining the cultural and biochemical parameters. The count was done using the liquid method by dilution and then sowing using the Rodier technique. The results of the physico-chemical analyses showed pH values ranging from 8.12 to 9.34; water temperatures ranged from 22.35 to 23.40 0C ; turbidity from 288.75 to 440.87 NTU, electrical conductivity from 1062.54 to 2370.93 µs/cm, TSS from 264.75 to 1483.25 mg/l, total hydrometric titre from 30.52 to 33 mg/lCaCO3, the complete alkalimetric titre from 114.03 to 156.39 mg/lCaCO3, the alkalimetric titre from 36.57 to 70.49 mg/lCaCO3, bicarbonate ions from 21.16 to 86.79mg/l and oxidability at KMnO4/H+ from 0.065 to 0.14 mg/lO2. Microbiological analyses allowed us to isolate one hundred and two (102) microorganisms, including ninety-nine (99) (97.05%) bacteria and 3 (2.95%) yeast. The isolated bacteria consisted of: 51 Enterobacteria (51.51%), 16 Staphylococcus (16.16%), 16 Bacillus (16.16%), 8 Clostridium (8.08%), 8 Pseudomonas (8.08%).


Physico-chemical parameters, microbiological parameters, wastewater and households


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