Y. El Khchine, M. Sriti



Wind Turbine Blade Optimisation With Axial Induction Factor And Tip Loss Corrections

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Tip loss corrections are a critical factor in blade element momentum theory when determining optimum blade shape for maximum power production. Using numerical and analytical optima, this paper compares the optimal tip shape using the classical tip loss correction of Glauert. A semi-analytical solution was proposed to find the optimum rotor considering Shen’s new tip loss model. The optimal blade geometry is obtained for which the maximum power coefficient is calculated at different design tip speed and glide ratio. Our simulation is conducted four S809 rotor wind turbine blade type, produced by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).



BEM method, S809 airfoil, Horizontal axis wind turbine, Aerodynamic performances, Tip speed ratio, power coefficient



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