Ourida Ourahmoun



Solar Cells Based on Perovskite Materials

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Perovskite-based solar cells have attracted a great deal of attention due to their rapid increase in power conversion, which has reached to 24.2%. The performance of perovskite solar cells depends on several parameters such as the absorber layer, the electron transport layer and the electrodes, and the deposition technics. The environmental factors can influence the stability of the photovoltaic devices. Such as moisture, oxygen, temperature, and light intensity. The performance of the perovskite cells deteriorates under moisture and oxygen. In this work solution to improve performances and stability of perovskite solar cells are proposed.


Perovskite solar cells; performances; structure; parameters; stability; improvement.


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Ourida Ourahmoun. (2020) Solar Cells Based on Perovskite Materials. International Journal of Renewable Energy Sources, 5, 47-50


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