Mohamed Amin M.a. Moftah, El-noby A. Ibrahim, Gaber El-saady A. Taha



Active Power Filter for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine PMSG Interfaced to Grid and Non-linear Load via three Phase Matrix Converter

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the present paper aims to design an active power filter (APF) for harmonic mitigation of grid-connected wind turbine (WT). The wind energy conversion system (WECS) consists of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) driven by a variable-speed WT. The output of the PMSG is connected to a direct three phase AC/AC matrix converter (MC) to interface the system with the distribution grid. The MC controls the wind maximum power point tracking (MPPT) using perturbation and observation (P&O) method. The MC output current harmonics and non-linear load current harmonics are compensated by the proposed shunt (APF) based on d-q theory. The system under study is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK platform. The digital results show that, the proposed system is not only capable of delivering extracted wind power to the power system without currents/voltages harmonic distortion at grid side, but it can also satisfactorily eliminate harmonic currents which are drawn by non-linear load. The system dynamic performance is investigated under different wind speed and loading conditions. The system responses prove that the system works significantly irrespective of wind speed values and demanded load. Therefore the power quality in terms of grid current waveform, total harmonic distortion (THD) factor; frequency spectrum and system power factor is improved within permissible standard values as defined by IEEE-519.



active power filter, grid connected system, harmonics mitigation, matrix converter, permanent magnet synchronous generator, power quality, and wind energy conversion system.



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