Saurav Sarma, Kishore K Das



Weighted Inverse Nakagami Distribution

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In this paper, a weighted distribution based on Inverse Nakagami distribution which is reciprocal of Nakagami-m distribution is suggested. The proposed model is capable of explaining systems with high failure rates within a short interval of time. The proposed model also performs well for relatively small sample sizes. The various statistical properties of the proposed model are presented such as moments, mean and variance, skewness and kurtosis, reliability functions and Shannon entropy. The maximum likelihood as well as moment estimators are explored. A simulation study compares the performance of the estimators against the true value of the parameters. Finally, the proposed distribution is fitted to a real dataset.


The Inverse Nakagami distribution, The Nakagami distribution, Weighted distribution


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Saurav Sarma, Kishore K Das. (2020) Weighted Inverse Nakagami Distribution. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 5, 14-25


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