Pavel Herman, David Zapletal, Pavel Kabrhel



Simulation of Absorption and Steady State Fluorescence Spectra, B-α/B-β Ring from Photosynthetic Complex LH4

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LH4, LH2, absorption and fluorescence spectrum, static and dynamic disorder


Photosynthesis starts with the absorption of a solar photon by one of the light-harvesting (LH) pigmentprotein complexes and transferring excitation energy to the reaction center where charge separation is initiated. The geometric structure of some LH complexes is known in great detail, e.g. for LH2 and LH4 complexes of purple bacteria. Properties of such complexes are strongly influenced by their interactions with environment. These interactions could be modeled by static and dynamic disorder. Absorption and steady state fluorescence spectra of B-_/B-_ ring from LH4 complex within full Hamiltonian model are investigated in this contribution and compared with our previous results within the nearest neighbour approximation model. Different types of static disorder are considered and discussed. Comparison of the results for B-_/B-_ ring from LH4 complex and B850 ring from LH2 complex is also done.

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Pavel Herman, David Zapletal, Pavel Kabrhel. (2016) Simulation of Absorption and Steady State Fluorescence Spectra, B-α/B-β Ring from Photosynthetic Complex LH4. International Journal of Biochemistry Research, 1, 17-26


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