Mirela-Catrinel Voicu



On Modern Web Tools Used to Improve the Online Learning

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Online learning, Bootstrap, websites, mobile applications


Over the past years, evolutions in IT have marked different areas, learning being among them. Today, online learning is at a very advanced level compared to what it was ten years ago. Hardware developments made possible to develop online learning anywhere around the world. Also, the number of involved people (in education or learning) is not important. Even if the hardware technologies have a greater role in the development of online learning, the software tools play an important role in the improvement of the quality of learning. Currently, websites must be responsive, to be visited from different devices. In this paper we focus on Bootstrap and how we can use it in order to improve the quality of learning, using websites or mobile applications.

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Mirela-Catrinel Voicu. (2016) On Modern Web Tools Used to Improve the Online Learning. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 1, 68-73



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