Asli Sari, Gülfem Isiklar Alptekin



An Overview of Crowdsourcing Concepts in Software Engineering

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Crowdsourcing, software engineering, software development


The effect of crowdsourcing has increased dramatically in recent years. This paper focuses on the crowdsourcing concept and research in software engineering from different aspect. First, the definition of crowdsourcing is given in detail, together with its challenges in software engineering. Furthermore, different development approaches such as insourcing, outsourcing, open source and nearshore are represented with their differences from crowdsourcing. Currently popular commercial applications, platforms, business models are given. The idea behind its pricing theory is discussed.

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Asli Sari, Gülfem Isiklar Alptekin. (2017) An Overview of Crowdsourcing Concepts in Software Engineering. International Journal of Computers, 2, 106-114