Elmira Naghi Ganji, Satya Shah, Alec Coutroubis



Bridging New Product Development with Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices

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Sustainable Supply Chain, New Product Development (NPD), Boeing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM)


This paper proposes a novel method linking new product development (NPD) strategies and the supply chain management practices considering sustainability approaches. The paper highlights the first stage of research study through current literature and a critical review which are based on a systematic approach by gathering a set of structured data as inputs of research findings. Using a descriptive research method and qualitative analysis, the study involves Boeing Company’s evaluation of Dreamliner development. Given the comprehensive literature regarding the Dreamliner’s development program, its weaknesses and supply chain restructuring risks, the paper establishes coherent strategies and a well-defined framework towards minimising the potential risks associated with the future series of aircraft manufacturing practices. Paper investigates the Dreamliner’s case that only represents aircraft manufacturing industry, whereas the characteristics of other industries might necessitate different approaches. Besides, minimising the environmental impacts of aircraft manufacturing industry, a full life-cycle analysis is required. Effective NPD approaches would be considered by all the businesses desiring to make innovation and alter their supply chain and advanced project management practices in order for their profitability enhancement. The research aims to develop an early understanding of systematic review of Dreamliner’s case towards emerging a clear framework addressing project management and sustainability issues. The paper would be considered by the industrial entities especially Aircraft industries which tends to receive the highest advantages from redesigning their global supply chain adoption methods.

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Elmira Naghi Ganji, Satya Shah, Alec Coutroubis. (2017) Bridging New Product Development with Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices. International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, 2, 178-186