Karmela Aleksic-Maslac, Branko Sinkovic, Philip Vranesic



Influence of Gamification on Student Engagement in Education

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gamification, education, classroom, motivation, Information and Communication Technologies, Kahoot


apid development of new technologies offers great potential in improving the educational process. One of the popular and entertaining methods nowadays is gamification, which allows students to learn through entertainment and competition in an easier matter and to stay motivated during the class for a longer period of time. The goal is to maximize student engagement in class, welcome positive competitiveness and making learning fun. In this paper, we will describe an example of gamification tool named Kahoot on Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM). Research was made by questioning both professors and students perspective on gamification in order to determine the satisfaction level of both sides in the education process. The analysis have shown positive attitude towards the use of gamification in lectures and it encourages further use of it on more and different courses. In order to back up this “positive wave” of gamification on ZSEM, we examined student’s engagement on Kahoot on Information and Communication Technologies course and analyzed the data with final grades of the course.

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Karmela Aleksic-Maslac, Branko Sinkovic, Philip Vranesic. (2017) Influence of Gamification on Student Engagement in Education. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 2, 76-82