M. Abdullah-Al-Wadud



A Procedural Way of Teaching Procedural Programming Language

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Procedural programming language, teaching, procedure, function, subroutine, top-down approach


A procedural programming language such as C and Pascal is usually the first programming language the most the students come across. However, in most curriculums, the concept of 'procedure’is introduced to the students after almost half of the course is covered. Many students are then found to be reluctant to get the fruit of procedural style of programming. They tend to write big programs without making use of procedures, functions or subroutines. Thus they do not feel the charm of programming as it should be encountered to solve a problem. This paper proposes a guideline of designing the curriculum of procedural programming language courses where thinking in a procedural manner is emphasized so that the learners can follow the art of procedural languages more comprehensively that the traditional style of curriculum design.

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M. Abdullah-Al-Wadud. (2016) A Procedural Way of Teaching Procedural Programming Language. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 1, 114-117