International Conference on Business & Economics


Call For Papers

Call For Papers

Athens, Greece, December 27-29, 2017

The International Conference on Business & Economics is an international forum for academicians, scientists and experts. The Conference has a distinguished Scientific Committee with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the conference maintains high scientific standards and has a broad international coverage. All the abstracts are subject to peer review by committees' members or 2 or 3 additional reviewers. Authors can upgrade their Abstracts to Regular papers at an earlier stage.

Business & Economics Sciences play an important role to our modern life. The conference fulfils the vital task of bringing together experts from academia, practice and industry to debate those key topics, to develop innovative theories and solutions, and predict future trends. The conference includes a range of presentation forums, including tutorials, workshops, seminars, and panel sessions.

Abstracts presented at IARAS conference series as well as others approved by the International Association of Research and Science (IARAS) will be permanently available to our site in a Book of Abstracts. Authors that wish to upgrade their Abstracts to Full papers can do it at any time. Best Papers will be further evaluated for possible publication in IARAS Journals.